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Mission, vision, values

Restoring lives through affordable healthcare. 


Gateway Family & Urgent Care will be recognized as a Christ-centered healthcare provider achieving healthy living in mind, body, and spirit by providing the highest quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare to everyone in need.



We will treat everyone we meet with love and respect.


Recognizing that Jesus is the healer, we will do our best to treat the whole person according to the Model for Healthy Living.


We will provide the best possible care at the most affordable price.



Image by Lesly Juarez


+ Treat everyone with love and respect at all times.
+ We will be Jesus to all people we have interactions with.
+ We will value all human life and respect the sanctity of life at all times.

Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography


+ We will always provide excellence in care.
+ We will never reduce quality of care to reduce costs.
+ We will treat the whole patient to the best of our abilities. 
+ When care is needed beyond what we are able to provide, we will do our best to provide options for our patients to get the best care possible.
+ We will offer prayer with our patients to receive Christ’s healing.

Image by Amelia Spink


+ We will have a cash price for patients without health insurance.
+ For those that qualify, it is our expectation the patient will not have to pay more than $40 for an office visit.
+ Pricing and costs will be transparent to all patients prior to receiving care.
+ Through generous donors, we may be able to provide further financial assistance for additional services needed.
+ When additional services are required beyond Gateway, we will do our best to work with patients to find cost effective options, which may include financial assistance.


Gateway_Gate Highlight (1).jpg


This signifies accessibility. The gateway is the means through which the community receives medical care and is the entry point where healing begins.

Gateway_Medical Cross Highlight (1).jpg

Medical Cross

The medical cross represents Gateway's mission to provide treatment and healing to the uninsured, underinsured, and those facing barriers to quality healthcare through affordable and accessible treatment.

Gateway_Cross Highlight (1).jpg


The cross represents the motivation and foundation

of our clinic. We believe in

the healing and redemption

of Jesus.

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