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Gateway Healthcare is a nonprofit medical practice that provides affordable primary care and limited urgent care to the uninsured, underinsured, and those with barriers to quality healthcare. Our team treats each patient with excellence and dignity, this is where healing begins.


We are looking to raise up 300-500 people to give a donation of $35 per month or a one time gift so people that qualify for financial assistance can afford primary care and limited urgent care. For qualifying patients we expect them to pay no more than $40 per visit with your contribution offsetting the remainder of the costs. By making a donation a single parent can receive care, a child can experience relief, and those in the community can have access to healthcare, some for the very first time.

Follow the link below if you would like to support

Gateway Healthcare financially.


Contact us if you are interested in supporting Gateway Healthcare within the following positions:

Healthcare Provider
Care Navigator
Patient Transportation

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